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Aranea is a Java Hierarchical Model-View-Controller Web Framework that provides a common simple approach to building the web application components, reusing custom or general GUI logic and extending the framework.

The previous location of this documentation and source was


The main purpose of this site is to make Araneaframework documentation available for the world. This documentation was previously located at

Although the framework has been used in several projects it does no longer have official support. It is hosted under Nortal account but there is no dedicated person to handle the bugs or improvement ideas posted as issues.


Uploaded to Bintray:


Version 2.0 (Release Candidate)

This version is not fully tested for production environments. Source is available from branch latest.

Version 1.2

Source is available from branch: branch-3_1_1.

Version 1.1

Source is available from branch: branch-2_13_1.

Version 1.0